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What is your Policy Id's?

False Idols: 76d51276ff5d4616fa87fe5e398f09110e9f085a26b44f07130b57a9
False Idols X Collabs: 67d93d864323be0f9d78bf1c5d58c141e448f3e5eb267bba90b1de03

How many NFTs are in the False Idols collection?


What is Idola Industries?

Idola Industries is a shell company that we will leverage to brand physical assets in a more consumer friendly way and continue to use our art style.

What is $idol and how can I earn it?

$idol is our internal ecosystems currency. It will be used in multiple ways including redeeming prizes, exclusive access to events, and more. You are able to earn $idol through our staking system using False Idols NFTs.

How does staking work?

Staking will have you send your False Idols NFTs to yourself and earn $idol while doing so.

What are subsidiaries?

Subsidiaries will be upcoming drops including utility, NFTs, and physical assets.